Y12 Students' Pre-Registeration for the UCAS Exhibition Visit on the 14th March


Dear student and parents / carers
The 2016 UCAS exhibition season is now underway, but we wanted to update you on a couple of things now that involve the UCAS Exhibition Marlwood Year 12 are all attending on 14th March.
Changes to registration
We want our students to get the most out of their UCAS exhibition, so everyone must individually pre-register online at least two weeks before our visit on the 14th March. Information regarding this process was sent to parents and students in January and also placed on the Marlwood 6th Form Blog.
Launch of the UCAS exhibitions app
Another advantage of pre-registering is that students will now, for the first time this year, also be able to download and explore the brand new UCAS exhibitions app – a tool created to enhance event experience and help make the most of the visit.
Using the app, students will be able to:
  • search for exhibitors at the event
  • decide which stands to visit with the interactive venue maps
  • access a digital version of their online ticket – which exhibitors can scan at the event to record their interest
  • view the event’s activity schedule – to see when talks, seminars, and workshops are taking place
  • tap into additional UCAS info – covering applications, personal statements, deadlines, and more
Users can download the app to their mobile phone or tablet, or access it via the UCAS website. They sign in with the email address used to register for the event, and by entering the password: Event1.
UCAS look forward to seeing us on the 14th March but if you do have any questions or would like to give them any feedback (good and bad), please contact us.